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Your Local business needs to be marketing and right now. Internet marketing and local search is the most cost effective way to gain customers attention.  When all else fails you only have to think of one thing to save your business from the black hole of being unknown, and that is search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).  You cannot do everything on your own since you are not superhuman so you have to let other people in to help you with your business. With content optimized for Louisville SEO you are able to make your business known to many customers, and specifically target your Louisville local area.  You might not be one of those business owners that is up to speed with the latest tech of Internet marketing or SEO, but it is absolutely vital that you understand the need for content that is keyword optimized to target your local area, and gain the impressions of potential customers on your website and digital content.
Now is the time to jump ahead of your competition.  Internet marketing and social media marketing are still relatively new to most small businesses, and odds are some “ if not most” of your local competitors still don’t know how to capitalize on it.  If you get on top of this now, you will have very little “online” competition, which could turn the tides against your “offline” competitors. Customers search online for products and services in your local market every day.

You cannot get ahead of the pack if you are not ranked within the first ten searches on Google and Bing; you have to make use of certain tools to excel.

Social Media Marketing

Social Networking is a great way to enhance your business. You can make an account of your own and tag or add friends from your local city or state so that your business will be known, and grow your brand awareness.  We currently use over 15 different social media tools for Internet marketing and networking.  I will talk about a few that I believe are gaining the most ground, and will be the most important to your small business in 2013. First is Google+ as it will have the biggest role upgrade in 2013 SEO, it is quickly becoming the “must use” social medium for SMB owners and Local Search enthusiasts. Mainly because Facebook and Twitter are losing some SERP weight on Google’s search engine algorithms, in an effort to rank there Google+ traffic over there competitors. (Who could blame them?) Initiatives such as AuthorRank and the authorship markup (rel=”author”) will lead this channel to become even more essential to search engine rankings, particularly Google’s. Second is YouTube. Creating videos and publishing them on and sharing those out via blogs and social networks have quickly become popular among CEO’s and marketing managers to grow their brand.  YouTube is also owned by Google and as such your YouTube videos are included into their search results.  Currently a well optimized video with a keyword optimized title, description, and transcript will rank much faster than traditional text content.  Pinterest; Uploading and tagging pictures “pinning” and cross-promoting with other social networks is becoming a quick and effective way to build an image search real-estate.  As other image sites links are mostly “NoFollow” and Pinterest are DoFollow, these links can add some much needed weight to your link profile in 2013. Your business should create “boards” and name them after your target local city, brand names, and Products.  Fill your boards with high quality and original images that your customers would enoy looking at.  As with all social networks remember to spend some time on other user’s boards and leave feedback.

Company Blog

Creating a blog is usually the first step for small business owners. A Blog is an online journal, and can enhance the popularity of your business very quickly. WordPress is a very powerful tool to get you started; I would recommend adding a blog page to your main website.  Adding a /blog page is a very effective way to build links and boost your status on your search engine results page (SERP).  As I mentioned earlier goggle’s AuthorRank is adding a little weight to your posts, and as you publish content with your google+ author tag your content will get more and more valuable to the SERP. Customers are actively searching for the kind of products & services you offer. Optimize all of your content for the keywords relevant to your business niche and indicate your target location(s).
The key to blogging is providing consistent unique content to your audience.  Set a schedule and stick to it. Publishing content is only half of what blogging is all about; the other factor is networking and contributing to other bloggers and their blogs.  Make sure you set aside a few hours a week to read other blogs relevant to your niche and provide comments and feedback.

SEO Information

It pays to ingest as much knowledge as you possibly can about SEO & social media marketing.  The info you glean today will help you improve awareness for your brand and the potential customers tomorrow.  The internet is such a great opportunity to stand out and make your business popular. Subscribe to SEO blogs and read as much as possible.  There are a ton of books to read in this area, remember to stay with anything that is published within the past year, as anything older will be out of date with almost everything, or will lack the updates of new technology.  I spend at least 2 hours every day reading my blogs and content to stay up to speed, and another 2-3 on my social networks interacting with my customers and followers.  If you only have time for 1 thing, I recommend staying up to date with everything google+, AuthorRank, as that will have the most benefit to your company’s blog.

Time Management

Small business Internet marketing can be done several different ways. You can invest in marketing services by highly trained professionals, do it all yourself “in house”, or a combination of the two. It is all up to your time available, skill level, motivation, and of course money. Be sure to check freelance and other service providers in order to make the most out of your budget if you plan to hire professional service. My recommendation would be to start small and do it all yourself, maximize the time you have, and be very consistent with the tools you choose to use(2-3).  Once you are 100% onboard you will realize SEO and internet marketing is a full time job, and outsourcing some of the more time consuming SEO tasks is well worth the monthly fee.
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SEO | 8 Ways to Improve your Louisville Website

8 Steps For Effective Search Engine Optimization 

Website | Louisville | Lexington | Kentucky

Louisville Website Admins, did you know that the placement of your website on the search engines affects its performance? If you own a website, it is important for you to be aware of this fact. People who come online to find different stuff know what they are looking for but they need to find shops and vendors who deal in the commodities and services. To be able to find them, they log on to the search engines and make use of certain keywords. Most of the people do not go beyond two pages of search engines when looking for something. This is one of the main reasons why your website needs to be on the top of search engine rankings.  Your website can attain a higher position on the search engines with the help of search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a process that can be simplified into 8 steps. Here is a brief description about every step:

  • Analyzing The Keywords

Every page of your website should have some target keywords so that when people type them in the search engine, your website appears on the top of the list. Selecting the keywords is important and a responsible task in search engine optimization process. Till the time you do not choose the right keywords, you will not be able to get qualified visitors to your website. To be able to use the right keywords for your website, you should know where your customers come from and the keywords they use to find your services. To be able to do this, you can use a keyword statistics program under search engine optimization. You will thus come to know the keywords that are being used by your target audience.

  • Analyzing The Competition

You should know which of your competitors have a website and how they manage getting customers through search engine optimization. You should also take a look at the keywords they are using in different pages of their website. You may target the same keywords or the ones that are ranked higher. The visitors who are not going to their website may come across your website and make purchases. Getting an idea of the competitor’s website will give you an idea of his search engine optimization strategies and the ideas they are putting to use to rank their website higher on the search engine.

  • Developing The Content

This is one of the most important steps in the process of search engine optimization and thus has to be implemented very carefully. Not just the content, its placement on the website is equally important to attract the visitors and retain them. The content of your website should have Meta tags, heading tags and title tags along with some descriptive text. The content and the tags should have the keywords that you wish to target. This will allow the search engine crawlers to come to your website and give it a higher ranking on the search engines. The keywords are to be put in the starting of the page. The content developed for your website should not be complex and the readers should be able to comprehend it. Keyword stuffing should not be done in search engine optimization as it makes the text unreadable.


The website tags along with the content have to be optimized by putting in the keywords. The alt and other tags can easily be optimized only when you use all the keywords in them. Not just keywords, key phrases too can be mentioned.

  • Generating Inbound Links

If you want to place your website well on the search engine, it is important for you to have a high page rank and a page rank can only be achieved if you are able to get in inbound links through search engine optimization. You can get in touch with the websites related to your online business and request them to give you inbound links. You too can offer links in exchange so that they too can grow their business. You can ask them to use one of your targeted keywords in the links.

  • Make Your Website Live

After the completion of the content development and code creation process, you can put your website on a live server. Putting an incomplete website online would just shoo away your visitors and they might never come back. People prefer websites that have full content on all the web pages.

  • Search Engine And Directory Submission

Your website links should be manually submitted to different directories and search engines in search engine optimization. Not just the website as a whole, you can submit the links for different web pages as well. Submit the pages on different days and not on the same day. You can begin the process with the home page and can then move on to the other pages. Search engines take a few months to index your websites so you will have to be patient.

  • Monitoring The Performance Of The Website

It is important to keep checking the ranking of your website in search engine optimization so that you can make changes accordingly. Check with all the targeted keywords to find out how much your website has progressed. You can then change the keywords that you think are not working for your website’s success. If the rankings have come down, you can formulate search engine optimization strategies to bring them up and make your website fare well on the search engines.

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SEO | ISET Goes YouTube on Louisville |

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SEO and Internet Marketing are the keys to new Customers, as always we stay available to help with your Phone System, Website, or Data Networks.


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SEO Louisville and Website Marketing

Emarketing Strategy And SEO Kentucky

Take your Website to the next level 

SEO is a must. In an ideal world, you would build a website and your target consumers would stampede to it like bargain hunters to the January sales. Once there, they would enthusiastically buy from you, sending bucket loads of cash into your business 24 hours a day, while you laze by the pool sipping mojitos.

Sadly, the real world just does not cooperate like that. A company’s website is a front door to the business. It takes vision, strategy, investment, hard work, creativity and attention to detail, in perpetuity. There are two approaches to driving traffic to your site. The first is using advertising and PR. The second is using search engines or (SEO) Search Engine Optimization.   SEO Services Louisville

Advertising and PR covers a huge territory. Advertising takes various forms including off line advertising in traditional media, online advertising and email marketing. Several are really good they can be expensive. Thanks to digital communications, PR is enjoying a major renaissance and is no longer the poor cousin to advertising. The primary aim of PR is to get people, and the media, talking about your brand. It includes traditional publicity activities and emerging online PR techniques, which have collectively become known as buzz PR marketing. It also includes word of mouth (WOM) and social media optimization. Social media optimization is a convoluted term that covers all the activities a marketer might use to get individual online consumers and online communities to talk about their brand. A few examples would be Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp. And for business to business I would also recommend LinkedIn and Google+.

The Second approach SEO is using search engines; search engines have, not surprisingly, become an absolutely vital element of emarketing and account for more than half of the visitors to fast growing sites. With more than 20 billion pages on the web, consumers use search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and MSN help them find solutions to their problems. Unfortunately, online consumers have little patience and they rarely glance beyond three or four results returned in response to their query. The page on your site that addresses the need expressed in search query has to rank at the top of the thousands listed or it may as well not exist. Honestly if your Website does not Rank within the first 2 Pages for its Targeted Keywords or One the first Page for Local Search (as in Phone System Louisville or Office Phone Lexington), you need help, as almost no one will ever go past page 2 to look for something.

The field of search engine optimization (SEO) covers all the aspects of  website that ensure that Google and Bing not only understand what each page is about, but considers it to be better than all the other pages out there on the same subject. This gives your pages the top spot in what are known as the ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ search results. On page SEO is always the first order of business, depending on your keywords that may be enough to get you in the top 3 pages of Google alone. Just don’t expect results overnight.  Typically changes happen about every 3-4 months, so keep expectations in check. SEO is a marathon not a sprint.

Not everyone can get to the top of the natural rankings, so search engines provide the ability to advertise contextually. When someone searches using a term that you have nominated, your advertisement appears alongside the natural results. Typically these advertisements appear on a pay per click (PPC) basis – you pay a small fee, typically a few cents, every times someone clicks on the advertisement to visit your pages. For many small businesses with limited marketing budgets, PPC advertising is the most cost – effective way to connect with online consumers. I will cover PPC advertising more in depth in the following articles.



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