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Louisville Fiber Optic Network

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In the telcos, singlemode fiber is used to connect long distance switches, central offices and SLCs (subscriber loop carriers, small switches in pedestals in subdivisions or office parks or in the basement of a larger building). Practically every telco’s network is now fiber optics except the connection to the home. Fiber to the home is not yet cost effective – especially since most homes do not want (nor are willing to pay) for the high speed services that would justify fiber optics. Read more

usiness Telephone Systems

Why choose the UNIVERGE SV8100??

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The SV8100 is a unique communication solution for up to 512 extensions. Its expandability means it can work at any level, from a technically superb phone system, to a truly advanced unified communications platform.
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Migration To NEC UNIVERGE® SV8100

Louisville NEC Electra Elite IPK

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Kentucky Wireless Network Installers

Wireless Network Installers Louisville Kentucky

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Are you feeling confined by the limited flexibility of cables and cords at your business? ISET Communications can help you break loose from those constraints. The added flexibility and mobility a wireless network provides will help your company increase productivity in order to stay competitive in today’s constantly moving business world. Read more

Kentucky small business phone system

ISET Provides Small Business Phone Systems for Your Kentucky Business.

Businesses all over Kentucky are saving money while getting more advanced calling features with ISET small business phone systems.

For less than what you’re charged for no-frills Kentucky phone service, an ISET VoIP-based small business phone system gives you these Fortune 500 features on a small-business budget:
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Cat5 or Cat6 for New Office | Louisville Kentucky

Louisville Kentucky Voice and Data Cabling Contractors.

We’ve come a long way in the cabling world. When I started my life with business computers, coax was all the rage. (Quick, what was coax cable rated for? That’s right: 10MB/sec.) There were substantial problems with coax in a networked environment, but CAT5 didn’t finally surpass coax until manufacturers started producing more components and prices came down. Now with the transition to CAT6, we’re facing many of the same questions we had back then. While the jump to CAT6 won’t be as gut wrenching as the transition from coax to CAT5, there are still plenty of things to think about. Read more

The Empowered Workforce With UNIVERGE 3C™ | Louisville Kentucky



The Empowered Workforce | UNIVERGE 3C

The new workforce is highly social, mobile and accustomed to an on-demand, technology driven lifestyle. What’s more, they are projected to be almost 50% of the workforce in the next two years.

Does your company have the necessary technology to ensure your business remains competitive in today’s marketplace?

With UNIVERGE 3C™, a complete software-based unified communications and collaboration solution, your workforce will be empowered to become more agile, more flexible and more productive.

Check out this video to learn more about the trends you will soon be facing and how you can address them.


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ISET On The Road #4 | Wireless Installation Kentucky

Wireless Installation Kentucky | ISET on the ROAD

Thanks for taking the time to watch and come with us on this journey.  This episode Im just highlighting the 2 or 3 big projects were working on.  Currently we’re installing 50 wireless access points at Unifirst Corp in Owensboro, KY.  The antenna are placed throughout there entire faculty in order to leverage their new hand-help item scanners.  26 of these WAPS’s are in the receiving area which requires an external directional antenna.

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Using Advanced Information Technology to Increase Performance | Social Media

Social Media | Using Advanced Information Technology to Increase Performance

Days have gone when people used to perform their day-to-day business operations manually. It’s now an era of Information Technology which is getting advanced day after day. From a local garments seller to a well-reputed brand, everyone is using advanced information technology to increase everyday performance & productivity. In a time when information technology is advancing at such a rapid rate, it has not only become important for emerging businesses to adapt the IT culture, but existing businesses should also put major focus over it. Information Technology is really changing the perspectives of how people live, earn, and communicate. It allows businesses to become grow faster, more efficient, and
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