Wireless Coverage Improving Louisville

Wireless Coverage Improve your WiFi Signal   Placement is the key A lot of business’s hide their Wi-Fi access point with all their switching and routing gear near the Telco Demarc, usually in there telephone closet. That is not optimal for the best coverage. The best placement for a wide area of coverage would be centrally located and at or […]

Structured Cabling Kentucky

Lexington Data Cabling |  The Need for Structured Cabling in Kentucky Network Cable Installations | Cat5 | Fiber Optic | Data Networking and Wireless The world has changed. The way we work, the way we shop and entertain, the way we communicate, travel – the way we live – are all drastically different than just […]

Cabling, Future Proof Your Company Now

Structured Cabling – Lexington – Louisville – KY Best Cable in KY

Kentucky Who Does Your Network Cabling?

Network Cabling Solutions     (888)-980-4738 Looking for a Network Cabling Solution for your office that comes certified and warrantied? [one_third] [bk_icon icon=”icon-network” size=25 color=”#393737″ type=”round” background_color=”#ffffff” inner_padding=10 /]Installations ISET offers full service network installations across the Kentucky and Indiana areas. We will design, plan, and install your network from start to finish. Each Voice & data […]