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Best Telephone Systems for Hotels – Review, Prices & Installation

A hotel’s communication process is very crucial to its success. It needs a unique system to be able to accommodate all internal and external calls. The bigger the hotel, the more sophisticated setup it needs. Some small establishments can get by with a basic telephone platform but some need more than that. At the end of the day, all hotels want a good customer experience and a good communications process is a major part of that.

Hospitality Phone Systems

The telephone setup that hotels use is called a Hospitality Phone System. They have the same functions as a regular business telephone system with a few special features to accommodate hotel requirements.


Hotels typically use these types of phone systems:

This is the traditional wired system that links all phones to a single PBX. This is said to be the most reliable type in terms of downtime and drop-out rates.

This is the latest in communications. The phones are connected via Internet resulting to cheaper call rates. This type offers a lot in terms of innovation, management and connectivity. It is not  perfect  yet so it is still prone to drop-outs and poor call quality.


• Front desk telephones with guest information (check out time/date)
• Wake up alarms
• Reminders
• External calls from guest rooms
• Call cost features that connect to the billing department
• User-friendly phone interface

Advanced Features

There are now hospitality platforms with advanced features. Some of those features are:

• Search box to find client or staff names
• One-click call/transfer
• Pop up screen that displays guest information
• Vital guest information (VIP status, affiliation, language, wake up calls, voice mail, etc.) are attached to the guest’s name and not the phone. This is especially helpful when a client asks to be transferred to another room.
• Smart unlimited wake ups that can be scheduled according to the date and time
• Voicemail prompts in the client’s preferred language
• Different wake up options – snooze, room service, weather forecast
• Option to check out using the room phone


NEC is keeping up with the challenges and demands that the hospitality industry faces. They understand these needs and so they come up with solutions to make services better. The staff needs to communicate with the clients easily and guests expect the hotel to provide them with the latest technology so that they can be assured that their stay is convenient, comfortable and entertaining.
NEC helps these businesses achieve not only their present goals but their future goals as well. NEC prides itself by being a formidable strength in the global market. NEC provides hotels with strategies that will help them avoid risks and uncertainties and will eventually make them thrive.

The NEC comprehensive solution is tailor made to fit the unique demands of the hotel industry. They can provide owners with an on-site platform or cloud based one, a basic telephone system or a highly advanced one. They also offer solutions that enhance productivity and can accommodate properties of all sizes. Premier establishments all across the globe are partners with NEC because of their solutions. At the end of the day, a hotel aims to become more efficient, productive and responsive and that’s what NEC does to them.

Choosing a supplier

The first thing you need to look for when choosing a supplier is their expertise in the industry. You need a supplier with years of experience as this is no small investment. There is a lot of money at stake here and you want to avoid mistakes. You need experts not only in telecommunications but IT and logistics as well. We can help by providing 3 no obligation quotations from the most suitable suppliers for your needs. Simply fill out the form above.

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NEC SV9100 Louisville



The perfect platform for small to medium sized businesses that want to grow their organization and be competitive in the marketplace.

Smart Communications for Small and Medium Businesses

The UNIVERGE SV9100 Communications Server is a Unified Communications solution that is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. Its intelligent design helps to solve today’s communications challenges and is built to scale as your business grows.

NEC offers the SV9100 in two variations to meet the needs of the smallest businesses to those with almost a thousand employees:

The SV9100E is for small to medium businesses that wish to take full advantage of what IP and Unified Communications has to offer.
The SV9100S is for small businesses that just want the basics, but also want a system that will grow with their company and will migrate to an SV9100E when ready.
The SV9100 is:
Distinct, scalable, IP Unified Communication enabled solution
Highly reliable
The SV9100 has:
Simplified user licensing structure
Comprehensive suite of Unified Communications and Contact Center solutions
Broad range of mobility applications and devices
Vertical market-specific solution integrations
Wide-range of end-points
Single point configuration and management
Multi-Line SIP Client, Multi-Carrier Support
The SV9100 does:
Comply with all regulatory standards
Deliver on NEC’s green initiatives
Safeguard your investment

Kentucky small business phone system

ISET Provides Small Business Phone Systems for Your Kentucky Business.

Businesses all over Kentucky are saving money while getting more advanced calling features with ISET small business phone systems.

For less than what you’re charged for no-frills Kentucky phone service, an ISET VoIP-based small business phone system gives you these Fortune 500 features on a small-business budget:
Save money Read more

The Empowered Workforce With UNIVERGE 3C™ | Louisville Kentucky



The Empowered Workforce | UNIVERGE 3C

The new workforce is highly social, mobile and accustomed to an on-demand, technology driven lifestyle. What’s more, they are projected to be almost 50% of the workforce in the next two years.

Does your company have the necessary technology to ensure your business remains competitive in today’s marketplace?

With UNIVERGE 3C™, a complete software-based unified communications and collaboration solution, your workforce will be empowered to become more agile, more flexible and more productive.

Check out this video to learn more about the trends you will soon be facing and how you can address them.


Interested in Finding Out More? Please Contact Us…

ISET is the best source for sales, installation and service of your business’s communications needs. To arrange for your personal consultation and demonstration, contact ISET at (888) 980-4738 or

For more information on NEC’s UNIVERGE 3C visit:  |  1-888-980-4738 |

Kentucky Voice Mail Solution | UNIVERGE- UM8000 | Email

Kentucky Voice Mail | Fulfilling the promise of UNIVERGE®360

For your Kentucky Voice Mail the UM8000-Mail line card slips inside an SV8000 Series chassis, it uses less space and power than other stand- alone messaging systems. If the system experiences a power failure, the UM8000-Mail uses the same battery backup as the SV8000 Series system, adding another measure of reliability to the system. 

With feature-rich Unified Messaging, all voice, fax and email messages are directed into one inbox. This enables users to keep track of all their messages more easily. Employees can easily prioritize their messages and streamline their workloads. With Unified Messaging users can: • Set up their mailboxes to meet their personal needs • Play and record messages using their multimedia PCs • Send and receive secure faxes. Inbound and outbound documents are password-protected and stored electronically until previewed and printed from a networked PC. Read more

Business Telephone System Upgrades Kentucky

Why Upgrade Your Business Telephone System?

Is your current phone system limiting your staff?  Is your current system costing you money?  Does your present phone system meet your needs?

Read more

Louisville | NEC VoIP & Digital Phone Systems

Digital and VOIP Phone Systems


Louisville Digital Phone Systems

Offices are scattered around Louisville, Lexington, Owensboro, Bardstown, Fort Knox and Office Telephone costs can become unmanageable. Given the wide variety of telecom service providers, careless connections can cost far more than needed. This is where a Digital Phone System and use of VOIP phones can save businesses by managing and reducing costs dramatically. Companies need to convert their Business Telephone Systems to IP telephony based systems.   

The first item is an Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system. The ACD can route calls automatically to the right person based on pre-decided criteria. Callers can reach the person based on an online directory or based on the purpose of the call. Systems like the NEC UNIVERGE 8100 are very easy to set up and provide detailed reports to analyze the call traffic and reroute them appropriately.

In the past, teleconferences had to be set up with external service providers. But ACD systems like NEC’s 8100 and 8300 provide them as part of the system. The ACD systems can be configured from any PC and can be configured with password protection and alerts when someone joins or leaves the conference.

Customers now expect to be able to reach their service providers any hour of the day or week. By using the Mobile Extension feature of the 8100 0r 8300, any external device such as cell phone or home phone can be programmed into the system. The caller will still see a caller id of the office extension and the home phone or cell phone numbers are kept confidential.

Connect and Save big Money!

Modern businesses have offices scattered all around the country and the world and these can be linked with these digital systems over IP links. The UNIVERGE 8100 Netlink connects all these different offices so that they seem like one system with extensions in all these offices. The systems have failover capability so that if a primary system fails another can take over and control the network. Communication costs can be reduced by the use of these systems as they use least cost routing algorithms to choose the cheapest connection.

Finally, users can be provided with IP Cordless DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephony) terminals so that even if they are away from their desks they can receive their calls. The NEC AP300 delivers quality as well as facility of connecting directly to LAN. Moreover, it has an open SIP interface with compatibility with several PBX platforms. This frees up receptionists and assistants to do other productive work. Broadcast messaging is another feature of AP300 intelligent Digital Phone Systems. In this reminders and community broadcasts can be automated thus ensuring fewer missed meetings leading to higher employee productivity.

NEC Corporation has a major role in enabling businesses to use innovative and advance technological tools to enhance their communication systems while keeping the costs at the minimum. The modern Office Telephone Systems ensures that investments in communications yield business value by delivering more features than traditional phone systems at a reduced cost and without the old geographical limitations.


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