ISET On The Road #4 | Wireless Installation Kentucky

Wireless Installation Kentucky | ISET on the ROAD

Thanks for taking the time to watch and come with us on this journey.  This episode Im just highlighting the 2 or 3 big projects were working on.  Currently we’re installing 50 wireless access points at Unifirst Corp in Owensboro, KY.  The antenna are placed throughout there entire faculty in order to leverage their new hand-help item scanners.  26 of these WAPS’s are in the receiving area which requires an external directional antenna.

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Louisville Wireless | Kentucky Small Business

Louisville Small Business Wireless

If you are looking for wireless for your Kentucky business then you need to read the rest of this article. NOW!Install Wireless Louisville

Louisville Wireless Network Solutions.  Today technology has provided the ease of creating and increasing productivity, effectiveness and efficiency. Tech is even helping to create collaborative activities in order to streamline business operations by utilizing both local computer network, or through the Internet. To create a computer network easily with the wireless technology. Wireless technology is technology that uses radio waves to send and receive data. Unlike the wire or cable, Wi-Fi networks can maintain its beauty or comfort of the room without having to interfere as much as a wired network cable installation. At this time the use of wireless technology for computer networks have been very commonly used in large offices or companies to improve their internal and external communication company or agency. You can ask Louisville Wireless Network Solutions if you want to know more about this wireless technology. Read more

Louisville Data Networking & Data Backup

Kentucky Companies Need To Backup Their Data And Servers.

Louisville | Lexington | Clarksville|  Data Networking

Data Networking and the Company Data is one of the most valuable assets for any business. This can include anything from customer files, employee information or even your tax items needed to file. Proper measures should be taken to make sure that you protect this asset and always keep it accessible. Read more

Wireless Coverage Improving Louisville

Wireless Coverage Improve your WiFi Signal


Placement is the key

A lot of business’s hide their Wi-Fi access point with all their switching and routing gear near the Telco Demarc, usually in there telephone closet. That is not optimal for the best coverage. The best placement for a wide area of coverage would be centrally located and at or above ceiling height 7-9 feet. Often times more than one access point will be needed to cover larger offices. Read more