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Best Telephone Systems for Hotels – Review, Prices & Installation

A hotel’s communication process is very crucial to its success. It needs a unique system to be able to accommodate all internal and external calls. The bigger the hotel, the more sophisticated setup it needs. Some small establishments can get by with a basic telephone platform but some need more than that. At the end of the day, all hotels want a good customer experience and a good communications process is a major part of that.

Hospitality Phone Systems

The telephone setup that hotels use is called a Hospitality Phone System. They have the same functions as a regular business telephone system with a few special features to accommodate hotel requirements.


Hotels typically use these types of phone systems:

This is the traditional wired system that links all phones to a single PBX. This is said to be the most reliable type in terms of downtime and drop-out rates.

This is the latest in communications. The phones are connected via Internet resulting to cheaper call rates. This type offers a lot in terms of innovation, management and connectivity. It is not  perfect  yet so it is still prone to drop-outs and poor call quality.


• Front desk telephones with guest information (check out time/date)
• Wake up alarms
• Reminders
• External calls from guest rooms
• Call cost features that connect to the billing department
• User-friendly phone interface

Advanced Features

There are now hospitality platforms with advanced features. Some of those features are:

• Search box to find client or staff names
• One-click call/transfer
• Pop up screen that displays guest information
• Vital guest information (VIP status, affiliation, language, wake up calls, voice mail, etc.) are attached to the guest’s name and not the phone. This is especially helpful when a client asks to be transferred to another room.
• Smart unlimited wake ups that can be scheduled according to the date and time
• Voicemail prompts in the client’s preferred language
• Different wake up options – snooze, room service, weather forecast
• Option to check out using the room phone


NEC is keeping up with the challenges and demands that the hospitality industry faces. They understand these needs and so they come up with solutions to make services better. The staff needs to communicate with the clients easily and guests expect the hotel to provide them with the latest technology so that they can be assured that their stay is convenient, comfortable and entertaining.
NEC helps these businesses achieve not only their present goals but their future goals as well. NEC prides itself by being a formidable strength in the global market. NEC provides hotels with strategies that will help them avoid risks and uncertainties and will eventually make them thrive.

The NEC comprehensive solution is tailor made to fit the unique demands of the hotel industry. They can provide owners with an on-site platform or cloud based one, a basic telephone system or a highly advanced one. They also offer solutions that enhance productivity and can accommodate properties of all sizes. Premier establishments all across the globe are partners with NEC because of their solutions. At the end of the day, a hotel aims to become more efficient, productive and responsive and that’s what NEC does to them.

Choosing a supplier

The first thing you need to look for when choosing a supplier is their expertise in the industry. You need a supplier with years of experience as this is no small investment. There is a lot of money at stake here and you want to avoid mistakes. You need experts not only in telecommunications but IT and logistics as well. We can help by providing 3 no obligation quotations from the most suitable suppliers for your needs. Simply fill out the form above.

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