ISET On The Road #4 | Wireless Installation Kentucky

Wireless Installation Kentucky | ISET on the ROAD

Thanks for taking the time to watch and come with us on this journey.  This episode Im just highlighting the 2 or 3 big projects were working on.  Currently we’re installing 50 wireless access points at Unifirst Corp in Owensboro, KY.  The antenna are placed throughout there entire faculty in order to leverage their new hand-help item scanners.  26 of these WAPS’s are in the receiving area which requires an external directional antenna.

Next week we will be starting our Oxmoor Center Mall in Louisville Kentucky Project.  For GGP (the owners of Oxmoor) we will be installing 15 Cisco Wireless Access Points.  For this Installation we will be installing all Low voltage Cable to include CAT5e Copper, and a OM3 MM and OS2 SM Fiber Optic Cable.  This Wireless Installation project is to allow Tennants and Customers to have access to there Broadband Connections.

Next Week we are also Moving to Phase 2 of the KDMK project.  KDMK is a manufacturing plant located in Mt. Sterling, KY.  First phase of this project was Installing all new structured cabling Infrastructure.  Next week ISET will be programming and installing all new CISCO LAN distribution switches for there all new Voice network.  3rd Phase whcih will be late November will be installing there brand new NEC SV8300 Phone system.

There have been ALOT of questions of How we get these jobs and whats the “magic bullet” .  There is not a magic bullet for this, it takes hard work, lots of Marketing, even more Networking to get there contracts.  I have had alot of success in Internet Marketing.  But I spend no less than 30 hours per week devoted to marketing and generating leads.  All of these hours are usually after hours, so you get out what you put in for sure.


Thanks for reading.  If you have any quaetsions please submit to and I’ll cover them next Month.

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