Link Juice; What the $%#^ is That?

Google PageRank & How you Get Link Juice

If you are promoting your website using SEO techniques, then you no doubt understand the importance that having effective backlinks brings to your site. Google PageRank is the device used to rank your pages in terms of search results that potential customers see when looking for products or services that you provide.

Effective Backlinks

One of the best ways to increase your SEO ranking is by having backlinks to your content that help bolster your status. A backlink is one that links to other sources that can help improve your content status in terms of search results.

For example, if you have just written a piece about “widgets”, then having a link within your content that is directed at a very prominent website on the same subject can help bolster your PageRank. This is a fairly common tactic that Google uses to help separate the spam from legitimate websites in terms of content.

It is the goal of Google to reduce spammy websites through a number of means that includes rewarding effective, original content that is on the web. Articles that contain backlinks to other, highly ranked content are one means that Google uses to promote effective, original content.

However, one issue that can negatively affect your overall ranking is having content linked to sources that no longer exist. Quite often, you may not even realize that the backlinks you have placed on your content are no longer valid. There are many reasons why content can be removed from the internet, but the bottom line is that losing effective backlinks means losing your Google PageRank.

The Effect of Faulty Backlinks

The effect at first may seem subtle as your ranking may first take what appears to be a normal dip due to new content that has appeared. However, you will notice that your content with faulty backlinks will no longer regain the ranking it once had and furthermore continue to slip. Still, most people may still not notice any appreciable difference because they are not regularly checking each of their published content. This means that they are losing link juice that fuels their PageRank.   Increase Your Kentucky Website PageRank

What is Link Juice?

Link Juice is the colloquial term for the power that effective backlinks gives your content. The more “link juice” your content has, the more favorably it will be received on PageRank. This is vital for your SEO strategy of boosting your website’s appearance on the internet.

Maintaining effective link juice starts with linking to good, reliable sources that hopefully will not be removed for a long time.

There are a number of simple tricks you can follow to help insure that your link juice is maximized for your content. Here are just a few ways you can bolster your efforts in creating higher PageRank for your website.

–        Make sure the linked page fits the content you have.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, but you want the link to make sense when people choose to click it for back up to your content. This not only reinforces your efforts, but helps increase the quality of your content dramatically if it is from a well established source.


–        Avoid linking to content on subscribed services.

This would include newspapers or other websites where you must subscribe in order to regularly read the content. Many newspaper websites will publish their content openly for a few days and then withdraw it behind their subscription service. If they change the webpage as well, you could very well lose a valuable backlink in just a few days.

–        Choose well-established websites.

This simple, but rather obvious bit of advice can get overlooked if you see content on a blog site that you are not familiar. Even if it is currently highly ranked, you should take a few moments to check their history to see if they have been around a while. Plus, choosing from well established sources can only help improve the appearance of your content to anyone who will view it.

If you have published hundreds of pieces of content, then it shouldn’t be expected that you will check each and every one of them on a daily basis just to insure that the backlinks are still solid. However, there is a simple software program that will check the backlinks for you automatically.

What is the Link Juice Recovery Tool?

Link Juice is a simple recovery tool that allows you to find backlinks that are no longer valid. Link Juice scans all of your content and checks each backlink to insure that they are still valid. When a backlink is found that is no longer valid, you are alerted so that you can make the appropriate changes.

The changes you make can range from creating a new page with additional content that is relevant to a new link that you have found or you can simply remove the invalid backlink and create another that directs the user to a different page.

If you have the time, the first option of creating new content is usually the best since your new information will be rated higher on Google PageRank and be more appropriate for your link. However, if you do not have the time available immediately, you can simply remove the faulty backlink and replace it with another that will help save your PageRank.

Melding your Efforts

Backlinks are just one part of your overall SEO strategy that bolsters your search results rankings, but with the emphasis Google places on getting rid of spam and promoting original, effective content they are becoming an even more prominent means of increasing the ranking to your website.

Understanding the importance of backlinks that Google has placed on them should help focus your efforts more readily in creating a website that is seen by more potential customers who will purchase your products or services.

Quality, Originality, Effective Keywords and Backlinks should be your standards for producing new content on your website so you can enjoy greater success.


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