Local Search and SEO in Louisville

Louisville SEO for Local Search

One of the things we do at ISET for some of our customers is help them imcrease their online presence.  Or as we like to say ” we give you a new phone, and make it ring!”

I dont talk much about SEO becuasw honestly its a very complicated.subject and only a Nerd like me woukd enjoy it.  However lately i been asked about how we rank so well for our industry. So i will start writing more about the process.

SEO is for national brands, if your a local company, lookijg to capture local customers all you need to worry about is LOCAL SEARCH or local seo.  See the chart below.  THIS chart lists IMHO the best citation sources.


from moz.com

A citation is a business listing with an online agency such as “yellow pages” or yp.com  you provide Your “NAP” data or NAME, ADDRESS, and PHONE NUMBER.  It needs to be 100% consistant for all citations you create.  Here is mine.

4517 Poplar Level Road
Louisville, KY 40213

So get cracking there are hundreds of good citation sources. These are just the best for Louisville.

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