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Data Networking and the Company Data is one of the most valuable assets for any business. This can include anything from customer files, employee information or even your tax items needed to file. Proper measures should be taken to make sure that you protect this asset and always keep it accessible.

All types of non-accidental and accidental things can happen to your data. For instance there can be system failure, file deletion or some accident fire. Such accidents can destroy your data and can cut off your access to it and if you are a small business and you have a loss of data than it is more likely that you will never recover it. Still many businesses do not effectively plan to deal with data loss accidents. Online backup provider Carbonite (CARB) surveyed 1,000 employees at companies with one to 30 Internet-enabled computers in July 2011. This survey and research by the company revealed gaps in their backup plans. Even though 70 % said that they do some sort of data backup, 48 % said they had lost or deleted data accidentally, and only 13 percent felt open to a data disaster.

Almost all computer security experts recommend a complete and comprehensive approach to data and server backup solutions. Since no single solution is foolproof, companies should use the general backup and system restore functions including on-site backup system and storage equipment that transfers company information to a secure site online.

Here are some recommendations for securing your data and servers.  ISET_Logo

On-site backup:

Basic data storage at companies generally involves tape backup systems and external hard drives where company information is copied on a periodical basis. Office servers which include hard drives or tapes should be placed off-site and put in a fireproof place. Such solution provides low-cost, ease of access and very little complexity, and very little Data Networking equipment.

But there is one problem with that manual backup is very unreliable and can still be lost in case of some accident. If a flood, fire or other disaster hits the location, the backup tapes or hard drives will be destroyed along with all other computer equipment. Physical hard drives and on-site computer servers can be affected by viruses and other system failure. Outsiders or employers can also steal equipment from the location.

Off-site backup:

Off-site backup solutions which include online cloud storage has now become the most popular option for data backup . Many service providers are now offering affordable and cheap data backup solutions for a small monthly or flat fee depending how much data storage is needed. The businesses should choose reliable providers that store data in secure and multiple locations with redundant data networks and reliable Data Networking equipment.

Data backup services have now become so cheap and affordable that if you can’t afford it you should shut down your business and do something  else, not taking proper care of your business data is a sure way to end your business, and is just irresponsible.  Please make a plan to backup and protect your files before its too late.


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