Migration To NEC UNIVERGE® SV8100

Louisville NEC Electra Elite IPK

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You want to protect your investment in NEC’s Electra Elite® 192, IPK or IPK II system, but you also want to take advantage of the latest software and applications to give you a competitive advantage and increase revenue. With NEC’s new migration path to the UNIVERGE SV8100 Communications Server, you don’t have to choose. At a Glance •  Simple migration •  Investment protection •  More features and improved functionality •  Enhanced Unified Communications (UC) choices •  Assured future system support With NEC’s migration strategy to the UNIVERGE SV8100 Communications Server, you get enhanced features and increased capacity without a forklift of your existing key system and digital terminals – which means you save time and money. Even your current phones’ capabilities are upgraded. This simple solution effectively extends your current system’s life and ensures that your initial investment in NEC pays off for years to come. Solution Simple Migration Migration from an Electra Elite 192, IPK or IPK II system to the SV8100 is as simple as inserting a conversion card into the old system and connecting it to the SV8100 with a cable. That’s all it takes. The features and benefits of the SV8100 are ready to use.Investment Protection Your investment in our communications solutions is important to us – no matter when you made it. Migrating to the SV8100 protects your initial investment by providing a simple, economic way to keep your system while adding more up-to-date features that help you become more agile, compete on a larger scale and improve customer satisfaction. As a result, it lowers costs and provides a superb return on investment.

Enhanced UC Choices The SV8100 lets you choose the level of unified communications enhancement that is right for your business. If you require a complete, full-featured unified communications solution, UC for Business offers an extensive array of options such as presence, voicemail and/or unified messaging, a conference bridge, and contact center and console options plus more. In addition, for smaller implementations, NEC offers UC for Business-InUCB. InUCB gives you the option of running UCB on an internal serer blade that comes already licensed and pre-configured for ease of installation and implementation. If your growing business needs a simpler option with basic, reliable UC features, UNIVERGE SV8100 Desktop Suite should meet your needs. It offers the latest presence, softphone and file sharing technologies in an easy to implement package.Assured Future System Support Migration to the SV8100 ensures that your NEC communications solutions will be supported in the future. When you migrate to the SV8100, you need not be concerned with end of life or end of support issues for the Electra Elite 192, IPK or IPK II. The life of your older system is lengthened because migration extends our support.Specifications Supported Terminals Series DTU                       DTP                                 DTH                                             DTR                                               DTL ITLFeatures and Advantages • Increased system size Name Electra Elite IPK Phones Dterm Series E • New modular terminals with XML capability • Networking using UNIVERGE SV8100 Netlink • Increased mobility via    – Bluetooth    – Digital DECT Terminals    – IP DECT Terminals    – WiFi 802.11    – Mobile extensions • Unified Communications through:    – Desktop Suite 3.7    – UC for Business 5.1    – UC for Busness-InUCB Terminal Type Dterm 70 Dterm 75 Electra Elite IPK II Phones Dterm Series i DT 300 Series DT700 Series Dterm 80 Dterm 85 DT330, DT310 DT750, DT730, DT710 Associated System Electra Elite 48/192 – Electra Elite IPK Primarily PBX Electra Elite IPK – Electra Elite IPK II Primarily PBX SV8000 Series Communications Servers SV8000 Series Communications Servers • Open standards, including:    – SIP stations    – SIP trunks    – XML SDK    – Standard RFC 3261-compliant SIP stations    – Standard SIP trunks • New and Improved applications, such as:    – XML shareware    – Communication Analyst XML Reporting    – Conference Bridge XML Scheduler    – Desktop Suite 3.7

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