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The world has changed. The way we work, the way we shop and entertain, the way we communicate, travel – the way we live – are all drastically different than just a few short years ago. Technology is better than it has even been. Communication is faster and expectations have never been higher. Today, information for virtually everything is at our fingertips and tomorrow’s technology is limited only by our imagination.

In this ever more demanding world of increased expectations and requirements, the pace of technology has not slowed. Our appetite for improving our lives and our businesses continues to drive forward. Now, more than ever, businesses need to focus on the IT basics – the supporting infrastructure that will bear the load and distribute your vital business information globally.Structured Cabling Kentucky | Louisville | Lexington

Our Team Specialists 

At ISET, we plan and install the products and services you need to design and build Kentucky a Structured Cabling infrastructure that will serve your strategic business needs. ISET’s heritage is providing the highest quality, best performing structured cabling systems available. We are specialists at what we do and we do it better than anyone else.

ISET offers the most comprehensive product set in the industry – all of which support advanced applications for today and tomorrow. Combined with the industry’s best warranty and support services, ISET is the smart choice for complete network cabling solutions.

IT is the very foundation of your business. If you want to protect that business for tomorrow, a solid structured cabling system, built to handle future applications, is your best insurance policy. With offices and distribution facilities serving every major market throughout the world, ISET is a true global operation that can deliver on our promise to provide the best network cabling solutions on the market today.

Structured cabling in Lexington is the foundation of a successful Intelligent Building Network and the basic investment on which all other network equipment depends”.

The Future is Bright

  • Conversing with a colleague across the globe right from your PC over an IP-based video conferencing system.
  • A doctor in New York reviewing your condition while you lay in an MRI chamber in Milan.
  • High resolution imaging so that airport security is 100% fool proof.
  • Listening to an e-mail.

All this and so much more is within our grasp. With the right infrastructure and the right amount of bandwidth. Imagine the possibilities.

Structured Cabling is an Asset

Network Cable Infrastructure Diagram

The Need For Increased Bandwidth

Emerging bandwidth-intensive applications – like voice over IP, IP-based videoconferencing and digital audio and video – are becoming reality. Businesses expect their information technology (IT) investment to impact their bottom line; to increase sales, decrease operational costs and improve product quality. Now, more than ever, information plays a vital role. The successful delivery of that information within and across enterprises – globally – is an absolute necessity. To that end, a reliable, high-performance IT cabling foundation is key.


ISET Services all of Louisville and Lexington Kentucky, and Southern Indiana. Your NEC Phone Dealer, Wireless Network Installer, and Telecommunications Provider. 

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